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The Republic of Bulgaria is located in the southeast of Europe. It is at the coast line of the Black Sea to the east, in its west side we can find Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and Montenegro and the Republic of Macedonia, and Romania is at its north side along the famous river Danube.

The Republic of Bulgaria is a beautiful country. Approximately fifty percent of Bulgaria contains mountains. The majestic Balkan Mountains divide Bulgaria in two portions. They put aside the Black sea to the east coast and the Bulgarian-Serbian border to the West. The plains and the lowlands occupy huge areas of the both sides of the gracious Balkan Mountains.

Express Airport Transfer Bulgaria airportThe weather in Bulgaria is colorful and has all the four clear seasons. The weather in the northern part of the country is moderately cold in harmony with the European general season, while the climate in Southern

Bulgaria is some what inclined to the similarity of weather as in cool coast line terrains. The climate of the coast line along with the seaside regions is moderately cold in the winter and cooler in the summer than the type of weather of the central cities of the country.

car hire Bulgaria airportThe weather is most wonderful for the people of Europe and for the tourist arriving from other parts of the world for some cooler climate. The Climate always plays an important role in deciding the destination to visit. Bulgaria is blessed with every season, temperature and the geographical situation to attract the tourists. It has chilly mountains and it has humid beach resorts. You are guaranteed to find a place in Bulgaria that suits your mood.

The famous and busiest Sunny Beach is the biggest beach resort in Bulgaria. This beach is on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. Bulgaria has been the most admired and loved destinations in Eastern Europe during communism period made tremendous growth economically in the transitional political period.

car hire Bulgaria airportBulgarians celebrate a number of conventional ceremonies and festivals. The history of some of the events are centuries old. Some of the famous occasions are The Kukeri Festival that is celebrated on 11 January. St. Trifon Zarezan celebrated on 14 February is a very old celebration event of the wine growers. Granny Marta’s Day is on 1 March. Festival of Roses is celebrated in early June. Koprivshtitsa Folk Festival is a musical festivity.

Architectural wonders. Archaeological treasures. Beautiful beaches. These are just some of the Bulgarian attractions. Indeed, there are many sights to see in Bulgaria which make it a great destination for holidays.

car hire Bulgaria airportValley of the Thracian Kings – The valley of Kazanluk, also known as the Rose Valley, is the site of impressive tombs and burial mounds, the most famous of which is the Kazanluk Tomb. Along with the lavishly decorated Sveshtari Tomb near the town of Isperih, the Kazanluk Tomb has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the most popular Bulgaria attractions.

Rila Monastery – Located in the northwestern Rila mountains, the Rila Monastery is the largest and most popular monastery in Bulgaria. It is well known for its gold-plated iconostasis, as well as its library of over 250 manuscripts, wood carvings and frescoes.

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Rilski Monastery

The Assumption Bochkava Monastery and the Rozhen Monastery are also Bulgaria attractions worth visiting. Both have spectacular iconostases, too, as well as other stunning artwork. In fact, the Assumption Bochkava Monastery has one of the oldest wood-carved iconostases in Bulgaria.

Church of Saint Sophia – Aside from its monasteries, Bulgaria has many remarkable old churches, which include the famous Church of Saint Sophia. Located in the Bulgarian capital, the three-nave domed basilica is both a religious centre and a national monument. Although not as popular, the Saint Trinity village church made entirely out of stone is also an imposing sight.

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Plovdiv Roman Theater

Roman Ampitheatre – Built by Emperor Trajan in the 2nd century, the Roman ampitheatre in Plovdiv is a magnificent marble structure, said to have held more than 6000 spectators during its peak. Today, it is the site of various musical and ballet performance, including the annual Verdi Festival of opera concerts. Other attractions in Plovdiv include the Atanas Krastev House, the Hindlian House and the Nedkovich House.

Pirin National Park – Bulgaria is also home to many nature parks which serve as havens for hikers and birdwatchers, the most famous of which is the Pirin National Park. Although not the largest, the Pirin National Park is known for its majestic peaks and valleys, as well as its interesting flora and fauna. Aside from nature parks, Bulgaria has some remarkable natural rock formations, too, such as those in Belogradchik.

Black Sea Coast – Do you want to spend a day on the beach? If so, drop by one of the towns and cities along the Black Sea Coast for a day of swimming, sunbathing or partying on the beach. In fact, these seaside resorts are the primary attractions, though, of course, as you just learned, there are plenty of other wonderful sights to see during your holidays in Bulgaria.

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